Our team


BHTD has two groups, respectively providing services on Translation, and High-Tech Transaction, Evaluation, Investment and Management.

In our Translation Group, BHTD has a comprehensive team of technical translators that translate cases from English, German, Japanese or Korean into Chinese and from Chinese into English.

BHTD maintains a staff of experts in a broad range of fields including law, science and technology. All of these experts have high degrees from Master to Ph.D. in their field of specialty and are available to assist our technical translators. Clients prefer utilizing BHTD for their translations because of our advanced technical competency in the following fields:

l         Law

l         Chemistry/Chemical Engineering

l         Devices/Physics/Semiconductor

l         Electrical and Electronics Engineering          

l         Materials Engineering

l         Mechanical Engineering

l         Medical/Pharmaceutical

l         Telecommunication/computer

l         Other technical fields

In our Consulting Group, BHTD has a comprehensive team of experts that have tens of years successful experience in research and development, and high-tech transaction, evaluation, investment and management as well as related consulting. Many clients benefit from advices of our experts in their successful transaction and business.


Our value



High-Tech consulting





Based on in-depth understanding of technical subject matter with strong language skills, BHTD eliminate ambiguity in every completed translation and make sure to offer an accurate service to every client.



BHTD has good internal procedures, rules and security management software to ensure that translation documents and all related data are managed securely. All BHTD employees, case managers, technical experts and linguistics experts are bound to strict nondisclosure agreements.



BHTD case managers are skilled professional project leaders who work to complete jobs before the deadlines to meet clients’ thorough satisfaction with efficiency.


Case Management:

BHTD’s case managers have the experience and analytical skills to supervise and organize the entire translation projects, ranging from a small agreement to a long patent application document. We can provide translations of applications in a format ready for filing in different countries such as China, USA, Europe, Japan and other countries.


High-Tech consulting

Based on our experts’ strong background knowledge in science and technology as well as with alert on Chinese development in various areas and development trend of science and technology, BHTD offers comments and advices on high-tech related issues to every client.

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